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  • What are your hours?

    All appointments are scheduled at your location so whatever works best for you. We are here to help you. For corporate questions our hours are: Mon – Sat 10:00am- 7:00pm.  Sunday – Closed

  • How does this work and what will I need?

    It’s pretty easy! Just follow these steps for an online quote:

    1. Click on “Free Quote” tab or call (877)332-4545.
    2. Tell us your car’s mileage, year, make, model and condition
    3. Provide your contact details and receive an online quote via email or by phone

    If you are satisfied with the quote for your car, simply schedule an appointment right away to have our appraiser go to your location so that he can inspect the car. (We mainly check the engine, transmission and emmisions)

    Unlike other online car buying websites, we don’t email you a guess-timate. We take into account the specific information about your car that you provided us before determining your valuation. The valuation is completely free of charge and there is no obligation whatsoever to sell your car.

    You will need to have the title, proper ID, keys etc. for the vehicle. If your vehicle checks out, the appraiser will pay you cash on the spot. The process should take no longer than 20 minutes.

    If you have an outstanding loan balance, that’s not a problem. We simply deduct the amount you owe from the selling price and you keep the remainder. Just remember to have a current statement from your finance company showing the outstanding balance on your loan.

  • Why choose Brooklyn Car Cash?

    Buying cars is what we specialize in! It’s our sole business and we are only focused on helping you to sell your car fast, at a fair price, and in a no-cost, hassle-free way. We have been in the used car business for over 18 years by providing our customers with a high level of service and offering them a great deal when selling a used car.

    By selling your car to us, you will avoid:

    • Paying for costly advertisements to try to sell your car
    • Waiting for strangers to visit your home for a showing and test drive
    • The risk of not selling your car and having it on the market for months while it drops in value
    • Hassle from advertising salespeople trying to convince you to re-advertise with them
    • Paying gas, maintenance, tax and insurance costs while you wait for buyers to contact you

    By using our worry-free service, you can sell your car within minutes for an immediate cash payment!

  • Will You Buy My Car If It Has a Bad Transmission?

    No! We do not buy any cars with bad transmissions. Please be aware that we are not a Cash for Junk Cars business – there are plenty of businesses that will come and remove your junk car for free and may pay you a few dollars. We specialise in buying all makes and models of cars and pay a premium for cars that have been well cared for and are in good or fair shape. Because we come to you, we can quote you more in many cases than other Car Cash dealers that make you bring the car to them.

    Cars are machines and take a good beating on the road. With over 18 years of experience in the auto industry, we understand the true value to place on cars that have engine problems or body damage. We can quote you a fair market price for any car in any condition.

    If you want to discuss the specific circumstances of your vehicle, please feel free to call us at 877.332.4545

  • Can I sell a car on behalf of a family member or friend?

    Yes, you can. However, if you are selling a car on behalf of a relative or friend, we require that you also obtain a letter of authorization from the registered owner of the vehicle, and payment and transaction details must match the owner’s name on the vehicle registration certificate.

    We also require you to submit (2) forms of ID from the registered owner (one original photo ID, and one proof of address dated in the last three months) and (2) forms of ID from the person selling the vehicle on their behalf (one original photo ID, and one proof of address dated in the last three months) along with all other required documentation.

  • Can I sell a deceased relatives car?

    Yes, we will certainly purchase a car as part of an estate settlement with proper documentation. We realize this can be an incredibly difficult and emotional time for our customers and our vehicle purchasers are sensitive to making the process as fast and stress-free as possible.

    Please help us to make the transaction as effortless as possible by being sure you already have obtained power of attorney or probate (outlined in the will pertaining to the vehicle being passed on to you). It is also legally required that you present us with the individual’s death certificate in order to issue any payment, so please be sure to bring this along with all other required vehicle documentation and items.

  • Can I sell a car on behalf of a company?

    Yes, you can sell a car to us on behalf of a business or company. You will need to bring with you the following:

    – Your Picture ID
    – A letter signed by a company representative authorizing you to make the sale on their behalf
    – The company’s account details, e.g., bank account number or payee name
    – Two forms of identification showing the address of the business
    – Both sets of car keys if available
    – All service records and vehicle-related documents and manuals
    – Banking details and the vehicle registration certificate

  • I owe money on my car. What should I do?

    We will arrange for the settlement of any outstanding balance on your car loan. You just need to provide us with a current document from your finance company detailing your outstanding loan amount, and the debt payoff will be deducted from the money you are paid for selling your car. Note that payment from us will be received by your finance company within 3 to 4 business days, however it may take your finance company anywhere from 5 to 10 business days before crediting the funds to your account.

  • What documents do I need to sell my car?

    It is necessary to ensure that the person selling the vehicle is the actual owner therefore we require the following:

    • Two forms of identification: 1) an original Photo ID such as a valid driver’s license or passport; and 2) proof of address. Please note that both forms of ID must match the name and address assigned to the vehicle registration
    • Both sets of car keys if available
    • All service records and vehicle-related documents and manuals
    • If the vehicle has any finance outstanding we require a current document from the finance company showing the loan settlement amount

    Please remember to remove all of your personal belongings from the vehicle.

  • How do I make an appointment?

    After receiving your personalized online quote you will immediatley be able to schedule an appointment online via email or by phone at 877.332.4545. Please be sure to have all of the necessary documentation (title and proper ID) Note: The title can not be altered.

  • How long should my appointment take?

    The whole process usually takes less than 30 minutes. You may accompany our certified appraiser in your car during the inspection and a short test drive of your car. After the test drive, the certified appraiser will confirm your valuation and if you are satisfied with the amount of money for your car we are offering you, just complete all the necessary paperwork authorizing the sale of your car right there – and get paid cash fast.

  • What will happen to my car after I sell it?

    We have relationships throughout the automotive industry that enables us to place cars back into circulation and maximize the price we pay to you. In circumstances where the vehicle is end-of-life, it is disposed of responsibly according to federal regulations.

  • How will I get paid?

    The majority of the time we pay cash. However under certain circumstances, for security reasons, we will pay with either bank check or company check.

  • What if I owe more than the car is worth?

    If you owe more on your car loan than the value of the car, we will still be happy to buy your car. However, you will need to pay us the difference of your outstanding loan balance.

  • How do you calculate the price for my car?

    We have access to the most up-to-date used car market pricing information available. Our expert on your site vehicle appraisers take into account all the details you enter into our website and individually determine a value for your car based on the information you provide in tandem with current pricing trends. The appraiser’s sight inspection verifies the accuracy of this information and then your offer is presented.

  • Can the online quote change?

    Our online quotes are based on the information you provide along with a range of used car market factors that change daily. The more complete and accurate your description of the features and condition of your car, the more accurately we are able to estimate the valuation of it. However, a final offer of cash for your car cannot be guaranteed until we have performed the on sight inspection. Because of the volatility of used cars prices, we advise you not to make a financial commitment based on our online quotes.

  • Is there a fee if I don’t sell my car to you?

    No. There are no fees for your online valuation or on your site inspection. If you choose not to sell your car we would wish you all the best with selling it. No hard feelings if you decide not to sell.

  • What happens if I don't enter all the details of my car's condition?

    Our quote is based on the details you provide us. We use the information you enter into our website to obtain a quote and will verify that this information is accurate upon sight inspection your car. If your online appraisal does not match our appraisal of the car upon viewing, we may need to adjust the quote accordingly.

  • I received a quote online a few months ago, is it still good?

    Used car quotes change on a daily basis in the open market and as a result there may be a considerable difference in your car’s value over the course of just a few months. In order to ensure that you receive an accurate valuation, we advise that you re-enter your car’s details into our online system so that the most up-to-date pricing information available is used in calculating what your car is worth right now.

  • Do you pay the price given in the quote?

    Quotes given issued from the Brooklyn Car Cash website are subject to an in-person inspection of the car and should not be construed as a firm contract to buy. The details and condition of your vehicle must first be verified by one of our appraisers in order to confirm the online valuation estimate you received from us via email to buy your car.

  • Why does Kelley Blue Book say my car is worth more?

    Kelley Blue Book (KBB) prices are often quoted by auto dealers but be sure to check which price is being quoted as KBB valuations can differ greatly depending on whether a car is being quoted for retail sale, private sale or trade in. The other thing to check is that the trade in prices. A dealer may quote an attractive KBB price online or over the phone but reduce that price drastically if there is any damage or accident history.

    Your valuation from Brooklyn Car Cash will be accurate if you enter all information honestly and state any damage to your vehicle. We’re confident that we offer a more realistic valuation than Kelley Blue Book because we take into account any damage on your vehicle. If you need any help assessing your vehicle’s condition, please  contact us at 877.332.4545 and we’ll be happy to help you get the the best quote for your car.

  • Why do you need my email address and telephone number?

    We need your email address so that we can send your quote to you, and your telephone number so we may call to confirm your on your site appointment or if we require further details about your car.