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Cash for Cars in Brooklyn pays top dollar for used cars. We even come to you. We buy cars for cash in Brooklyn, New York. Sell your car today. Get a free quote now. Call: 877-332-4545 or 718-207-1027

Unlike the “other guys” where you would have to take your car to them, we come to you and buy your car. No need to worry and make arrangements of having to get back home because you are already there…

Rest assured that the quote you receive will be the highest possible amount for for your car. Our network of dealers and worldwide shippers enables us to pay you top dollar for your car…

We know there are plenty of choices out there. Customer service and support make a big difference. We will treat you with respect and dignity throughout the process and that’s the difference…

Get the Most Money for Your Car

Car owners often ask: “what is the best price I can get for my car?”

We always try to offer the highest price for any given used car based on fair market value. Furthermore, we will give you money on the spot in cash for your used car, no matter how old it is and in most cases regardless of the car condition.

So if you still wonder how to get the most money for your car then call or email us.

if you simply wonder what is the value of your car please give us a call and get a quote.

Cash your car for top dollar period

Cash for car is what we deliver. Just make an appointment and agent will meet you to see your car and hand you cash 4 your car. It’s a short process done at your location and preferred time. Our team is waiting for your call.

For your convenience we listed below the Brooklyn, NY areas that we service:

11201                        11213                        11225                        11238                        11252

11202                        11214                        11226                        11239                        11254

11203                        11215                        11228                        11240                        11255

11204                        11216                        11229                        11241                        11256

11205                        11217                        11230                        11242

11206                        11218                        11231                        11243

11207                        11219                        11232                        11244

11208                        11220                        11233                        11245

11209                        11221                        11234                        11247

11210                        11222                        11235                        11248

11211                        11223                        11236                        11249

11212                        11224                        11237                        11251